Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon


So, how was it? (Read 68 times)

And in the end...

    How was Monkey 2013?  Were there speeding bananas?  Did I see capes?  Tell me... I have to know!


    Fuck it. I'm gonna PR this fall. Let's do this.


      I heard it was near ideal temps as long as you were working hard enough to generate ample body heat.  If you were a slacker, It might have been cold for you.  But that is just a rumor.  In WI it was a high of 13 wtih 20 mph winds - A beautiful day at the ski hill.  My skiing did deteriate a little after a lunch of


      1-pint nut brown ale

      1-pitcher of Hoppn' Helles


      Then ski breaks


      3-pints of Great Dane Scotch Ale

      1-pint of nut brown

      I am fuller bodied than Dopplebock


        This should help explain how warm the conditions were.


        For Trent




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          I've never appreciated a volunteer as much as I did that day.  True story.  I thanked them heartily as they handed me rejuvenating slushies. I left immediately upon finishing for the warmth of the hotel, where I stood beneath a hot shower and tried to wash away the memories of the friends I had left at the park.  For they were surely going to die.

          Imminent Catastrophe

            It was really f'in cold. But I was OK so long as I kept moving. Once I finished and stopped moving, I realized how the volunteers felt, I soon was shivering and hands went numb. You guys were awesome!

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            Monkey Bill

              It is truly humorous how the southerners respond to what they consider cold.  For me, it was almost perfect out there.  Definitely shorts weather for running!   24 at the start and 33 at the finish means the body does not waste energy trying to cool itself down.  Didn't even have the gloves or ear muffs on toward the end. The thin layer of ice on the water cups was a great bonus.  But if you were not running, it sucked.  Cudos to the great, awesome, tremendous (insert your own wonderful adjective here) volunteers.  I am sure it was tough for them but they didn't show it at all.  Great attitude helping out, can't say enough for them!  Post race was OK if you just changed clothes and put on some new dry layers.  Excellent spread as always including a great hot potato, cheese and sausage dish.  For as much as Trent sucks, he did another splendid job on this race and I will surely come again for the torture.


              As far as the question "How was it?", it was The Monkey, how the hell do you think is was?

              In it for the long run..

                Monkey Dick (oh, I mean Bill)  -There were plenty of northerners there who thought it was quite cold.  21-32 degrees is cold and is NOT perfect running weather.  Glad you were comfortable, but no need to try to impress everyone with your awesome cold tolerance.  A body can waste a lot of energy trying to warm itself UP!

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                  It was so cold that I almost overdressed! Luckily, I removed a layer before the start. I felt fine as long as I kept moving! Never had to remove my hat. I realized how cold it was each time I sipped a slushie! The volunteers were fantastic! The steep grades were pure pain!! after about mile 17. Glad I trained for this or it would have been impossible. I want to do it again sometime.

                  Monkey Bill

                    HStreet.  Wasn't trying to impress anyone, certainly not you, with my tolerance for the cold.  I did say "For me" it was almost perfect, not everyone else.  And yes, the body does expend a LOT less energy trying to heat up versus keeping itself cool.


                    The same comment on temperatures could easily be reversed on on warm day where northerners do not acclimate as well as southerners.  Just a matter of what people are acustom to.  I shall refraim from calling you anything other than your post name though as I can see you mistakenly missed my point.

                    In it for the long run..

                      Judging from the number of messages I got about the post, I think a lot of people missed your point.  But-  no problem. Sorry for my insult and enjoy your winter running!

                      "It's not who wins the workout..."

                      BANNED from the LLR (Ladies' Locker Room) forum at age 64.  Remember, folks, it's just running.