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Bananas in Black (Read 211 times)

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    Bananas in Black
    lyrics by Run2Eat

    Bananas in black!
    I'm back on track!

    It's been so long -
    after that monkey attack!
    But I got a hunch
    after I ate that bunch!
    Monkeys keep hanging around!
    I've been looking at the sky
    'Cause those hills are so high!
    Bring that hearse 'cause I'm gonna die!
    I ain't got nine lives!
    Monkeys dive -
    Abusin' every runner there - running wild!

    'Cause I'm bananas!
    Yes, I'm bananas!
    Well, I'm bananas!
    Yes, I'm bananas!
    Well, I'm bananas, bananas!
    (Well) I'm bananas in black!
    Yes, I'm bananas in black!

    This monkey on my back -
    Heavy as a Cadillac!
    Mile 18 bite the bullet - I'm a power pack!
    In trees they hang
    With a gang -
    Monkeys got to catch me if they want me to hang!
    Cause I'm back on the track!
    And I'm beatin' the pack!
    No monkey's gonna get me on another rap!
    So look at me now
    I'm just makin' my play!
    Don't push me Monkeys! Just get out of my way!

    'Cause I'm BACK!
    Yes, I'm BACK!
    Well, I'm bananas...
    Yes, I'm bananas...
    Well, I'm BACK! BACK!
    (Well) I'm bananas in black!

    Um, so yeah. I guess you are still out there. I kinda figured that if I ignored you, maybe you would go away. You know, not show up and run that stupid rink dink little race in that Pride Withering Park. Or is it that Personal Worst Park? Whatever. We are now just a few short weeks from a little bit of Hell over in Monkeyville. And it seems you have simply not wised up and plan to come on out. Fool. But whatever. It's all rock and roll. Don't worry, you will yet have buyer's remorse, even if it takes until round about 8:13am central time, on November 18.

    Have you done a last long run yet? Or maybe jog around town wearing a prior-year Monkey shirt, pretending to train? Heh. I crack myself up sometimes. Of course you haven't. Because of course that would imply that you have trained. I sure hope you have not wasted time training for this thing. Because that would simply be futile.

    Then again, since registration, some actually have realized that running Monkey is stupid.  As I have pointed out before, if you receive these dumb notes from me, you clearly have much to learn. Or you need to fix your spam filter.  Regardless, and as before, if you actually do come to your senses and find it wiser to sleep in on Monkey Sunday, please let us know.  If you can believe it, we still have a few foolish folks on a waiting list. And they still actually want to run this thing.  Fools.  Anyhow, please help me share the pain.  If you don't want it for yourself, that is.

    Again, some details about this race:  

    - I plan to update the website with all your up-to-date info in the next day or so. Please take a look to make sure it is correct.  Pay special attention to your number of monkey kills. Please let me know if the info there is wrong. Of course, if it is, it is probably all your fault, trying to fill out a race registration form while blinded from any sensible thinking. Thanks.

    - I still do not know what the weather will be. Some have asked what we will do to beat last year's rain. Well, since Frankenstorm got all used up, I guess we will have to rely on fire, sleet and ice. Yeah. Have fun.

    - Packet pickup should be at the Gordon JCC on November 17, 2011 between 2pm and 4pm. The JCC is located at 801 Percy Warner Blvd, Nashville, TN 37148. This is less than 2 miles from the race start/finish area. Here is a map to the GJCC: http://tinyurl.com/MonkeyPacketPickup . Packet pickup will also be available race morning adjacent to the starting line.

    - For those who will need a postrace shower, the GJCC will let you swing back by after you run (or "run") Monkey.  Please bring your bib and an ID.  They may ask you to pay a $5 guest fee to do so as well.

    - It appears that we will indeed offer Yazoo Beer after the race to those who are of the correct drinking age. Yazoo is good brew, local and tasty.  As usual, if you want to enjoy some, please bring your ID with you to the race.  You don't have to run with it, but once the beer is available after noon, you will need your ID.  If you want to tweet your grand appreciation for this, use these tags: @YazooBrew and @yazoobrewmaster

    - Speaking of Tweeting, whatever that is, folks have asked for a Monkey hashtag.  Er, okay.  Here you go: #MonkeyMarathon.  You can also Tweet @hhFlyingMonkey, if'n you want.  And for you Instagram folks, check out and consider adding to #MonkeyVille.

    - We ask all our volunteers and any runners who are able to bring some food and/or drink to share with the rest of the monkeys post race.  Our participants' home-made smorgasbord impresses every year.  I will be making pies.  Lots of them.  What will you bring?

    - Are you really reading all this? Are you really still planning to run this race? You ain't too bright.  Are you?

    - The marathon's website lists information about where there is lodging near the race and restaurants where you can dine over the weekend.  In addition, if you have further questions, feel free to holler or to put out a query on our message board: http://www.harpethhillsmarathon.com/monkeychatter/ .  Some others prefer the Monkey forum here: http://www.runningahead.com/groups/HHFMM/forum.  If you post either place, please don't mind the monkey business.

    - Some of you have not heard or believed me.  So to reiterate: you cannot train for Monkey.  Fools.

    - We usually have swag for sale at packet pickup and then postrace.  This year, we should have original and unique Hatch posters, Silipint cups, singlets and prior years' shirts, all uniquely Monkeyfied.  All net swag sale proceeds go to support the Warner Parks, which in turn support our little race, and your suffering.  Cash appreciated.  And cheap!

    The days are almost gone. Monkey is coming.  It is nearly upon us.

    We've got Big Hills