Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon


Dizzy Monkeys ?????? (Read 51 times)


    What is a Dizzy Monkey, you ask?


    It's someone crazy enough to run the Dizzy Fifties Trail Run (50k, 40M, 50M) in Huntsville Alabama on Saturday and then haul ass up to Nashville Tennessee and run the hills in the Flying Monkey Marathon on the next day! It makes for one wild weekend in November.


    I know Graham Gallemore has done this feat multiple times (the last 4 years in a row, I believe).


    I know I've done it once, back in 2010, and  am planning a comeback in 2013!


    I'm aware there are a few other runners who have also done both races. But, I'd like to know exactly who and when?


    Who else belongs in this troupe of Dizzy Monkeys???



      Srlopez did it in, I think, 2011.

        More than a handful and less than dozen.


        Rick Caffey, Karl Kersey, Paul Arnette (at least once or twice)

        Get off my porch