Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon


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    While I have resigned myself to the fact that you will suffer great pain on November 22, 2009 up in the Harpeth Hills, I could not bear to think that you might be hungry over the course of the weekend.

    So I offer you the following information about food.

    First.  General information about food in Nashville -

    Second.  The night before the marathon, Dallas has arranged for an all-you-can-eat thing at Savarino's Cucina, a family-owned, small Italian restaurant with great cookies.  This is where we did it last year.  The cost will be $15 per person.  Cash.  If you want to go, hold on to your horses and Dallas or I will get your info in a couple weeks.  This is the location:

    2121 Belcourt Ave
    Nashville, TN 37212
    (615) 460-9878

    Third.  While running is stupid and running marathons is stupider, eating good food after marathons is sweet relief.  Every year we ask our runners and volunteers to bring chow, pot-luck style.  I'll be baking some 10 or so pumpkin pies, from scratch.  What are you going to bring?  Don't answer, just bring some goodies.  If you can.  Don't let them volunteers (or that sociopathic race director) show you up.

    That is all.  Well, except that the marathon is about 4 weeks away.  It is almost time to taper.  Heh.