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Question About Yanks - Andrew, Candice, or other Triathletes (Read 236 times)

    I put Yanks (the elastic laces) on my running shoes for triathlons and for Sprint distance the shoes seemed fine. However, when I run longer runs it seems like my feet move inside my shoes more although I have the laces fairly tight. Question: Do you run longer runs and races with YANKS in your shoes, or do you put regular laces back in them?

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      The only pair of shoes I have those in are my Spira Stingers. I only race in those shoes, and I did one 1/2 marathon in them before tri season. So all i've used them for so far are tri's and a couple of 5ks. I wouldn't use them for anything else. If you were training in them, or racing over 5k in them, I'd put the laces back in.

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        I used them during the Ironman and everything else. But if you have problems at longer distances the extra T2 time to tie regular laces will probably be worth it.
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          I've only used them at sprint distances so far Sad



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            I thought this was a thread about northerners. Never mind. I can't contribute. Sorry Tony. MTA: didn't know the work yank, had so many meanings. Wink
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              I first used them in tri races only. But they were so comfortable and easy that I started using them in all my running shoes and even for longer runs. I prefer my shoes to be looser, but I never had the sensation that my feet were moving around in them.
                Thanks for the input - I think it may have been from the bodyglide I put in them since I didn't wear socks for the sprint tri. I ran 10 miles in them again and they felt better, so I'll see how they feel as the runs get longer.