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    Hey I just started running. I am going to run the Indy mini next year. Any advice or good routes for downtown. I just moved here so I don't know the area well.

      Welcome to the area. White River parkway/trail is a good place to run between Broad Ripple and downtonw. consider joining the Indy Runners Club as they have group runs at Butler University ( or go to and use their route function. Lots of people have left downtown routes on this site and can help.

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        Most of the routes I run are on the Northeast Side. I enjoy running most at Ft. Ben state park. They have pretty good trails that can be linked up and paved paths with nice scenery and rolling hills. The 500 Festival mini has a huge turnout, but you might also want to look into the Geist Half which is just a couple weeks later.


          Hey thanks. I will have to check those places and websites out.