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    So I am finally getting into a road race.  I have been running just to keep in shape and decided to see where I stand.  I am running a week from today in a race for the first time in over a decade.  My wife and I are visiting her parents and I signed up to run in a 5K road race in Goshen while we are up there.  The route description says that it winds through town and around the St. Joe river.  Anyone have any experience up there as to if it is hilly or flat?

    Ostrich runner

      I've never run up there, but I drove through that area a week or two ago and I don't remember seeing a hill between Indianapolis and there Good luck though.  Are you the Coach Potter from LN?


        I am his son.  The race was surprisingly hilly and the wind was HORRIBLE!  besides that it was a fun run and a great atmosphere, music and good food after.