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Giest Half? (Read 290 times)


    I will be at my kid's school running a 5K and hoping you guys do well.

      1:26:38 for me today. More hills than I remember and the humidity was fun too. Hope you guys had good races today.

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      Ostrich runner

        I know every inch of that route, but it did seem hillier than normal for me today.  I'm fairly happy with my time...I've gone faster, but I almost always peak in the fall.  I really noticed my lack of road work a few times.  I'll need to incorporate some more hill sprints and tempos over the next few months.


          Agree on the hills.  I ran 21:26 and I am pleased with it.  Ran 7:14, 7:02 and then 6:40ish... It shows me where I want to be if I can stay healthy.