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Ostrich runner

    Favorites or ones to avoid? A quick googling turns up I know there are more than that though...what is the name of Kennedy's place downtown?


      Tried the following 3 with great service from all. Runners Forum in Carmel is my favorite because its close to home (great group runs) Annex is very good as well (very active group runs) Running Company is also very good (have group runs but I've not joined on yet) Can't speak to any other stores.

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        I get all my shoes and gear at the Running Company, usually the store in Broad Ripple. I've had great service there and their return policy is pretty good. They took back a pair of muddy Mizuno''s that I'd probably put almost 50 miles on. We have to drive over an hour to get there but it's worth it. We've had good luck getting clerks that actually knew how to fit a shoe. Mt dh and I both had some shoe-related injuries thanks to our old, local running store and one trip to the Running Company fixed the problem. Teresa

        Ostrich runner

          I went to the Fishers store just this evening, and I liked it quite a bit. They looked like they are getting quite a bit of business off of tomorrow's race. I'm sure I'll be going back.