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    It's been a while since I checked in here, but I read this and though of this place.


    ST: About your training: What's typical in-season for you?

    NS: I take a month completely off every year. That's in about July. Then I start by going long and slow. I'll run 4 miles a day, and then [the following month] 5 a day, every day, and then 6. But I take one day off each week. It progresses up from there. As of now [December], I'm running 10 miles a day. I'll finish this long, slow period when I reach 12 miles a day.

    ST: That's 72 miles a week. That's big mileage, Nolan, for almost any runner.

    NS: Yes, but the key is that I do it slowly. When I do it fast I don't go fast in races. I run 7-minute pace, which is relaxing and enjoyable.


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        Interesting that he seems to excel at middle distance races - 800m , mile - on mostly slow runs.


          Interesting that he seems to excel at middle distance races - 800m , mile - on mostly slow runs.


          ST: Then when happens after the long slow period?

          I start running long intervals. Repeat miles. But then I drop the rest of my mileage. I might run 3 repeat miles, or maybe 4, depending. If it's a good year I'll start with 4, if it's not I'll start with 3. I'll run them at 5-minute pace, with 3 minutes in between. I'll eventually work up to 6 or 7 of these in a session. But on the day after I might only run 4 miles slow, depending on how I'm feeling. And on the day after that I might run 8.

          ST: And this is the only speed session you'll run?

          NS: Yes, but I'll start to jump in some road races. 5k and 10k.

          ST: What happens after the repeat miles?

          NS: I'll then go to half-miles, maybe 1000 yards. I'll see if there are any interesting indoor meets on the schedule, this is February and March.

          ST: Indoor meets, that means middle distance. You'll start running these races without running race pace in your training? You don't run faster than race pace prior to racing on the track?

          NS: No. It's strange, I get into an all-comers meet and I'll realize I haven't run sub-60-second pace in 5 months. But I don't seem to miss it.


          It probably has a lot to do with his age.  He's going for one peak a year (outdoor track season) and then races himself sharp.

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