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    Breaking news from Nike: We’ve been talking a lot of crap, and selling it. by Christopher on July 22, 2010

    and this referenced article: by Peter Larson: The Pronation Control Paradigm is Starting to Crumble: Review of a Study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine


    The study reports on testing results of 105 women and reports " Every runner in the highly pronated group who wore a motion control shoe reported an injury. In other words, all runners (yes, 100%) who were supposed to be wearing a motion control shoe based on their degree of pronation got injured. It's a small sample, but this is simply astonishing. In fact, highly pronated runners actually fared better in neutral shoes!" Now there were 18 highly pronated runners, and 6 (1/3) ran in neutral, 6 in stability, and 6 in motion control shoes. A small sample but intesting nontheless.


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      now I know why I had to put away my only one pair of motion control shoes. I stopped running in them after I realized they were putting stress on my achilles tendons.


      actually, I was able to avoid the load on the achilles if I consciously changed my running style in these shoes, if I made sure I landed more midfoot and more full foot and in a much smoother way then achilles was OK. but I didn't feel like paying attention to this so consciously...


      so I went back to my usual stability shoes, those have worked well so far.


      also..I was once told from a foot analysis that my feet are normal and they had me try cushioned shoes and I didn't like those... dunno why... just didn't. felt too cushioned, wasn't used to that. so, back to the stability shoes again Smile


      also, I played with minimalist shoes, but it doesn't seem I can use them on concrete. one of my future goals is be able to run on concrete in such shoes. trails are of course OK.