Low HR Training


Two thumbs up for Ryan H.. (Read 216 times)

Can I be Frank

Walk This Way...this way

    ..all's smartphone tv commercial!!



    As "slow" as "Can" is, even he recognized
    "my man" Ryan..Took a few viewings..
    but yeah..An awesomely clever ad!!

    Can'll as usual be brought to tears just
    watching the Olympic Marathon.

    From front to back, they're winners all.
    Special love to Ryan, regardless of placement.
    Other-worldly gutsy performance assured.



    "Dancing With The Stars" is like way relevant and 
    string theory's become "so yesterday".. Passe, I'm told.
    The elusive graviton, with a subsequent "theory of everything"
    does remain the focus, at least for the time being.
    (Novice's discernment gained thru lenses of PBS's Nova series

    "The Fabric of the Cosmos"). (TY!).
    Ben Franklin, THE "Grandfather of String Theory"  Cool

    Meanwhile, "DWTS" remains:
    Mindless. Moving. Xciting, Sexy. Entertaining.
    Hipsters, rockin' out. 
    Making the world go round.

    Is that simple background noise that's being heard?
    OR "KC & The Sunshine Band" tuning up??!!
    Don't force me to go to Youtube now..
    cus you know I would..

    "Oh, Shake Shake Shake,
    Shake Shake Shake,
    Shake your boo......"

    "Can'" appears to ben buckling to forces of pop culture
    Metallic adorned boogie shoes going on now


      Good commercial. What a beautiful stride.

      I like Mr. Hall's mystic side.

      Interesting character.