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    Hi, I'm Brandon. I'm going to be doing some low heart rate training for awhile and I want to introduce myself, tell you my plans, ask a few questions and keep you posted on my progress. I was a decent runner in high school (17 minute 5k and 2:03 800) but I haven't done much but sit around since then. Earlier this year I signed up for a 5k to get myself active again and it worked for a couple weeks, but then I took a month off before the race. I still ran it but it was brutal, I died pretty much right away and walked quite a bit of the second half. I finished it in a time of 29:09. That was on 3/31 and I've been running four times a week since then. I've ran a 2 miler, a 3k and another 5k in times of 14:53, 12:03 and 23:32 since then. I'm 25 so my MAF is 155, but I'm going to try and stay under 150 so I have a little wiggle room during my runs. My first 8 runs with my HR under 150 were at an 11:40 pace and the 6 since then have been around 10:30. I'm only running about 10 miles a week right now but I'm following Hal Higdon's 30 week Novice Supreme Training Schedule to build up my mileage without hurting myself. I just finished week four of that program. I'm a pretty tall guy, 6'5", so I naturally have a long stride. But to keep my heart rate low I have to shorten it up considerably to slow myself down. This causes my legs to feel pretty tight during my runs. I've been doing some strides, about 70 meters, after a couple runs week and that seems to loosen my legs up. I've read that doing speed work will hurt my progress with this type of training. Will doing 4 or 5 strides a couple times a week with lots of rest between hurt anything, or can I go ahead and keep doing them? Hal's Program: http://www.halhigdon.com/beginrunner/novicesupreme.htm

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      Brandon, Welcome, first off. 2nd, pretty awesome progress so far on not many miles per week. I do strides once a week and will start doing them twice. I am 6'3" and have to cut my stride back and my legs feel tight as well - much better after 6x100 strides. I hope that these very short sessions aren't counterproductive. I think Maffetone is more concerned about people doing LT/tempo runs and interval sessions where the amount of time at a higher HR is significantly longer. IIRC the concern is the potential for lactic acid building and changing the muscle pH and "killing" the enzymes developed by the low HR work. Will let Steve and Jesse chime in with their - far more educated thoughts Wink


        hi brandon... great job on the fast improvement...you'll get under 21 minutes in no time...it took me over a year to get to 24 minutes in the 5K Smile . From what i've been told is that as long as the strides are short enough and you get full recovery, the time spent above MAF is very minute (if any) so it should be ok. I was doing strides twice a week for a while but now per Jesse's (formationflier) suggestion, to get faster running i just run hilly courses get the pace up on the downhills. Good luck! Looking forward to read about your progress. steve (not the ultra one)


          sounds like you've got a good strategy. A few strides probably won't hurt anything, but while you are building your base, you should be careful to minimize the time you spend at much over your target heart rate. If you can wait 6 or 8 weeks before adding this phase, I'd say it would be preferable, but many folks sprinkle things in here and there and are very successful. As surfnrun mentioned, it's good to use downhills for the fast turnover stuff because you can get the turnover and still keep HR down. In either case, good luck and let us know how your progress goes. It will be interesting to see if you can work your way back towards your HS times!