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    For some unknown reason, last Monday I started thinking abut training using some sort of heart rate system.  I started looking through books and websites and then someone on the Master's Group pointed me over here.  I read/skimmed (multiple times) most of the sticky threads, ordered a copy of the Maffatone Method, and started running at MAF (180-53=127).


    Today I read the book and was inspired to keep going.  I have occasionally worn my heart rate monitor while running in the past and looking back over the runs I typically average 148-155bpm with a max around 165.  I don't think I have any aerobic engine at all. 


    I haven't decided what to use as the MAF test yet.  I'll get around to it.  I'll stop by and see what people are doing here and update my progress.  I just started on Wednesday.  I am running 11:30 to 12:30 miles for the first couple and as the miles increase I am hitting 14:00.  Feels good so far though.  A nice change of pace from what I've been doing for the past 20 years.

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      Welcome Dave59!

      You have taken a big step in deciding to give LHR training a go.
      Many have achieved great health benefits and improved running
      endurance through this method. Highly recommended!
      As you've discovered, the Maf number is key to aerobic development.
      Going forward, you will be rewarded by closely adhering to the methods
      outlined in the stickys, and elsewhere.
      Feel free to fire away with any questions. There are members here that
      are superbly knowledgeable, profoundly generous, and eager to be of