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    This morning I planned to do a 2.5hr@maf-15..

    At the start of my runs my pulse varies from 55-70 depending.This morning it was in the mid 80's and would only go down to high 70's.Something going on.Thought about abandoning run but decided to go with the planned as it was to be a recovery effort run anyway.It turned out I walked for most of the run with occasional slow jogging on the down hills.


    My question is do you think cancelling the run and doing nothing (I suppose it was cancelled for me, as I walked) would have more beneficial than walking 2.5 hrs,and what do you guys do when standing pulse is 10 beats higher than normal

      Do you keep track of your resting HR?


      Generally, a raised RHR means your body could be tired, stressed, fighting a bug,  or dehydrated. THe rule of thumb I follow is that if it is 5 beats or more over normal, I rest  or do recovery.


      I can't say what is more beneficial for you in this circumstance, as I'm not sure what the 55-70bpm signifies---I don't think it's RHR (lying down for a few minutes and taking your pulse, or taking it in the a.m.). See how you are tomorrow. Take it a day at a time.



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        You actually have a third option (which I most often take):  train less.


        Agree with Jimmy - when my RHR is higher than normal (5+) - your case of 10 is much higher - is to cut back on my plans (usually in time/distance spent).  FWIW, in your case, you didn't really change your plan, but you did stay under, which is good.


        I keep RHR as a part of my daily log so I know when I need to cut back.


        Anyhow, I think you will know the answer to your question tomorrow morning, when you check your RHR again (make sure you do), after some sleep.  If it is still too high, then perhaps you should have rested instead.


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          Thanks guys must start taking  resting heart  as I think my standing heart rate varies due to what I've done before I've started my run..ie sometimes I've walked upstairs from kitchen .Although I can tell as soon as I am awake when my pulse is higher than usual.


          Everything was going fine until Thursdays 2 hr run.I ended up running it at 115 forgetting it was supposed to be a sub 110 as it was the week before.It was an easy 20 min friday  and day off saturday .Woke up Sunday feeling groggy.


          Just to make things worse I had to do rehearsals for a running installation which means a lot of hill running ..heart rate 180+ Shocked..not good

          Did a walking test this morning which was 4-44, slow compared to Saturday(4-15).


          No more running until resting pulse goes back to normal,and as I walk everywhere I'll be giving myself plenty of time so no brisk walking is required...My body must be fighting something and it had better win