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Extensive tests reveal fifty percent elite (Read 238 times)


Max McMaffelow Esq.

    No, I didn't undergo extensive lab testing, but my personal observations suggest as much. Pick your favorite "middle of the pack elite" running perhaps a 2:30 ish marathon. Now select a nice half marathon course. I'm off and running my half, meanwhile the elite blasts off on his/her full. They would be hard put to nip me at the finish line. Sure the planets would have to align for me to pull off a 2:30 half, but ya never know.Yeah bring on your elitist self and spot me 13 miles, we'll see who's elite... Talkin smack. And while i'm on my high horse..You good Congressmen and Congresswomen of America, please do somthing about those Titilist golf balls, they are an abomination, and should be outlawed!!! For you who say, "but that's comparing apples to oranges", I emphatically agree. Take Ryan Hall's 2007 Houston half in 59:43. To be fifty percent as fast as that would require me to do 01:59:22.....I never said I was THAT elite! Back to the drawing board for a little dna work, gene splicing, what have you...sigh. Lg1
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    Give me 12:59 in '09, please. I deserve it! (Maf of course)..No more teens! No more teens! (ME! ME! ME!)
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      Rofl. Good stuf. Tongue