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    During a base building phase during which only MAF pace is kept, what sort of recovery approach do folks follow? I began a six day per week schedule in January with a couple of short unplanned breaks due to sickness and a work project, but have otherwise not taken any breaks from my training schedule. Just wondering what other MAFers do in this regard. Thanks, tortoise88

      A day a week off, with two off every 4th week. Always taking the day off if I feel exhausted, RHR is too high, or I feel like I'm getting sick. An example would be this week. I traveled 6 time zones away, and walked my buns off the preceding two weeks came back, and really only had the energy to run 3 days this week. Just made it a recovery week, even though i had a full week scheduled. If I take an unplanned day off, I don't

      try to make up the missed run. For example, if I had a long run planned today, and a recovery run tomorrow, and I took

      an off day today, I wouldn't then do my long run tomorrow, I just pick up the schedule as if I did the long run today, and do the planned recovery run tomorrow.


      I hope this made sense! Cool


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