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    I hope this question has a place here but i need to pick some brains here about what do you eat looking for ideas really. Last year wasn't brilliant year running wise a few injuries though minor and other things meant running wasn't as consistant as i would like What it means is i weigh over a stone more than i did when i did my marathon (late Oct 2006) So now that i'm back i have some weight to shift but i need to do this sensibly. I know i have a few bad habits which i'm doing my best to eradicate. Eating crisps drinking fizzy coke which i know doesn't help. As for the rest of my diet its a lot of carbs, maybe its the irish blood in me but most meals contains potatoes and a lot of bread. Reading the eating part in Stu Mittleman's book Slow burn for ideas In the past i've been put off low carb diets because of the need to have the energy to run a long way (curretly marathon training) not that i am into diets as such as i believe they don't work , rather i think you need a lifestyle change if anything. So any ideas feel free Thanks