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    I need an iPhone app for my wife that not only does GPS, but also heart rate including the ability to set custom zones (MAF) and alarms to notify when out of zone. I know Strava & Runkeeper can utilize heart rate via Bluetooth strap... but I can't find anywhere to set zones and activate alarms. Anyone know of an app out there that does this? Thanks.











      I was just thinking about this last night as it would be nice to just carry one thing when running (and supposedly a thing called the Iwatch might be coming) so I did a quick search on Google, and it looks like there are at least several you can download from Itunes. Not much at the App store.


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        THANK YOU!!!



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          ISmoothRun is really great, and posts your data to multiple different systems, such as runkeeper...  Although not RunningAhead Smile

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            I use runmeter. You can also set HR zones, but I don't like the way it annunciates deviations. You can only set it to annunciate when crossing the threshold, either way. If you spend a long time inside a zone, it says nothing, which is no help if your outside the target zone. I just set it to annunciate HR every minute, which now that i know my MAF pace pretty well works fine.


            I'm even able to upload GPS logs to RA, by exporting in TCX format.



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