Low HR Training


"A Body in Motion...... (Read 119 times)

Can I be Frank

Walk This Way...this way

    )don't get ahead of me now)
    ..Is quite often a good thing".

    ..Often, an early morning journey proves most expedient.
    Our pedestrian bridge is far more accommodating in this timespan.
    Merchant vessels of significant tonnage, in lock step, and four across,
    retard transit of even the slowest of maff-boats, otherwise.
    Trust me.

    Mid-day, skateboarding yo-dudes portage, mostly obedient to signage.

    On a singular occasion a weird muffled popping sound announced
    the approach and passage of a motorized bicycle. A handful of CCs
    at most. Cute, actually, and mostly harmless.

    Out of control four-wheelers need to be curbed asap and or governed
    technologically. In an isolated case of this nature, loss of freedom trumps
    loss of life. The admonitions of no texting while driving, etc. seem to be
    making little impact.

    ......Oh.. I managed a scary (for me) 13 m/m over a distance of some
    one and a half miles. No face-plants today! Improvement. Test dummy
    "Ernie"?     Didn't fare as well.
    Please forgive the rant.

    In a state of suspended animation,