Low HR Training


New to Low HR training.Advice needed (Read 23 times)


    First of all I'd like to say hi to everyone as I am new to this forum, and to say sorry for my bad English.
    I'm 29 male from Poland,5'8.1" and 151 lbs.
    I started running about a year ago in addition to quit smoking. My typical week includes about 4 running days, 3 about 5km, and 1 longer run about 8km. I've found this forum when I was looking for the hr based training plan.
    I calculated my MAF HR as 180 - age which gives me number 151. The problem is I can't keep below this HR even when I jog slow. When I just walk my HR can't go over 130, and mostly it is about 120 to 126. But when I try to jog, my heart rate spikes to about 145 and then raise gradualy to about 160 or even 170. I can walk all day with this 120 bpm HR but can't run/jog with hr = 160 longer than an hour.

    So my questions are:
    1) Are these hr rise sign of underdeveloped aerobic system?
    2) What can I do to help improve my training?

    Thanks in advance