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Carbo intolerance two week test (Read 911 times)




    What foods have you added back to your diet and started eating again?


    Started with a banana(fried) but must admit didn't go down the fruit route as I come from the macrobiotic tip and fruit in winter doesn't do it for me ..I had started baking my own bread for the kids as that was that was the last processed item to be banished from the house. Homemade bread is the main Carb added and I had a small portion of pasta the other day. This evening I had a couple of small homemade pizzas .this morning after a bad night out drank too much wine and not much sleep ..weighed myself and I was 10 stone 8 and 8% BF...went out on a 1.5 hour run and ran my fastest maf mile 11:19 min/mile I think I can reach 10 something by the end of the year..if I can figure out what I've done to improve my maf time.. I have not touched rice or pasta yet and don't have any inclination at present .. Read something interesting in the big book this morning in that ones pace at a maf+ hr can improve over time but your maf times could at the same time be getting worse ..not sure I mentioned this in another thread