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VO2 Max testing - what do I need to ask for? (Read 2302 times)


    I thought I'd add this as a sticky since it comes up a lot. Your vo2max test must come from running for it to apply to running (i.e., a cycling test won't really be of use for analyzing your running fitness). Indeed from a vo2max test you should make sure you get the following: 1. The values of RQ (aka RER, or just R) for each step of the test, along with the associated heart rate. 2. Your heart rate at RQ = .78 3. Your heart rate at RQ = .85 4. Your heart rate at RQ = 1.0 The test needs to bring your RQ at least to the point of 1 (yes, that's redundant) Hopefully the test will take you beyond the vo2max point Hopefully the test will take you to a maximal heart rate (assuming you're fit for such a test). Hopefully you can get an RQ vs heart rate curve to observe the inflection point, and hopefully that point lies between .78 and .85! If they just give you some training zones and a measure or estimate of vo2max, it's not of significant value.
      Thanks Jesse!