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Galloway and LHR? (Read 46 times)

Chasing the bus

    I recently had the Galloway method recommended to me. After looking him up, I immediately thought "oh, the run/walk guy". But, I did the research and read some outside reviews, and got interested. So I did run/walk last night, 4:1, 4 min. at 10mm, 1 min at 16:40mm.  After 6 miles, the results were; avg. pace 11:10mm, avg. HR 121, max HR 134. This is about 30 sec./mi. faster than anything I've run recently at the same average HR. My calculated MAF HR is 131, so 134 is cheating a bit, but my treadmill test showed MAF extended to at least 133, so I'm ok with that. It felt more like a tempo run, or intervals, than an easy run, both last night and today.


    This is just one run, and I'm planning to try to replicate tonight, but thought I'd post, to see what discussion comes out. My app. won't record distance on treadmill real time, I have to input manually, but i can show HR vs. time. Here's the graph.


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      Cool. That's one way to do it. I did some Galloway back in the beginning of 2006, and made progress in aerobic speed, and healed an injury at the same time. The method allowed me to keep running. Though my run intervals were brief in the beginning. There's something to be said for working those walking muscles. It's been my experience that it helps aerobic fitness. From the reading I've done about ultrarunners, it seems that many use a run/walk method in their races. Good luck!

        I used run-walk on all my long run training for my Ironman last year.

        It worked really well for me - I usually did about 9 mins run, 1 walk.

        It allowed me to do relatively long runs but stay fresh for the next day's training,

        and in the race I walked all aid stations and still managed a decent Marathon.

        Chasing the bus

          Another 6 TM miles last night, 4:1 10mm/16:40, almost identical to mondays results. i think i'll try this for my outside long run tomorrow...

          “You're either on the bus or off the bus.”
          Tom Wolfe, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

            I've been thinking about this and think it somewhat applies to interval training as well.


            On some of my interval training where I do some running at 7:30 pace and then recoveries at 10:00 pace I end up with an average pace just under 9:00 per mile.


            On some of my MP tempo runs I run at 8:45 on the Tempo miles with some warm up and cool down miles and end up with an average pace just under 9:00 per mile.


            My HR tends to average out lower on the interval training than it does on the steady state runs even when the average pace is the same or maybe even slightly faster on the interval runs.


            I tend to run farther on the MP Tempo runs than the Interval runs, but I think it would hold true even if I didn't.


            Never seen someone try to run a race that way though.  Run really fast then jog for a recovery then run really fast then jog for a recovery, etc.

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