Low HR Training


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    Depending on how much and how often you run, your glycogen stores may not be at 1500 or 2000 available calories. Over Friday and Saturday I have 25 to 30 miles planned. If I do 18 on Friday there is no way my glycogen stores are going to be at full capacity for a 10 mile run ran either later in the day, or on Saturday if I have to do it then. Even for the 18 I have planned for Friday. I'm doing it in the morning I'm on a 10 or so hour fast before breakfast, then I go and burn 1,800 calories in a few hours. My glycogen is low from the night fast and I ate a light breakfast since I'm going for a run. So I fuel up during. 


    IF you are not training to the best of your ability, your strength come race day will not be to it's full potential. 



    I did do doubles before but certainly not 18+10 miles. these were 2x1 hours at a pretty easy pace. still, I'll tell you my experiences, first run of such doubles was on empty stomach (often 12+ hours fast, I sleep a lot, haha + I usually don't go to bed right after dinner) and no problem. second run of the double was 3 hours after meal and it would go just like the first one, same HR/pace, same subjective feelings. so I think it was okay.



    I actually found it pretty hard to empty the glycogen stores - when I deliberately attempted once I failed to do so. probably because the pace I attempted to do it at was too slow.



    I have no doubt though that I would run out of glycogen if I tried to run a marathon too fast.



    PS: I agree with most of what jimmyb said.