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LHR Running after injury (Read 218 times)

    I followed the LHR running method last winter, with little success. To be fair, I only gave it about six weeks or 200 miles. At that time I was able to average about 10:15 - 10:30 pace for a six mile run. I saw little if any improvement over that time. I also never ate carbs within 2-3 hours pre run, and stayed strictly in the MAF range. I suffered a knee injury in April and just started running again this week. Since I wont be racing for the rest of the year, I will give LHR running another try for the remainder of the year then re-evaluate. It does seem to be allowing me to build strength in my knee without excessive stress to the injury. My problem is that my pace has dropped significantly. After about three miles I drop to about a 15 min pace. I dont know if it is possible to run any slower than I am running as I can actually walk faster than I am running. As I increase my run distance I seem to be deterioratin at about 1 min per mile. I can't imagine how slow I'll be running as I build my distance to 10+ miles again. I know that I should not expect any dramatic improvement for at least 300 miles or three months. I'm wondering if I can expect a little bit faster improvement initially since I have not run at in three months. I should also mention that I have gained 18 lbs in the last three months.
      Sorry to hear about the knee. You are certainly doing the right thing by sticking to MAF for your knee. It sounds like you were much more fit last year, and your MAF pace from last year showed that. When I started MAF, and I was not very fit when I started MAF, my pace also dropped off quickly with each mile. So, that sounds normal. Good Luck!