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if you have issues with winter training... read on! (about the role of Vitamin D) (Read 41 times)

    I found that in the past I was having a harder time with training in winter compared to the period between late spring and late autumn. especially regarding muscles, unspecific pain would pop up too easily, clearly something to do with slower recovery.


    (though the comparison between seasons isn't entirely fair as in winter I typically do more easy runs, no hard fast training...still that should make the winter easier shouldn't it? not the opposite, right?)


    then I found an article on vitamin D's role in muscle function. I knew I was significantly deficient in vit D based on a previous blood test (had only 23 nmol/L where recommended is 80 and anything below 50 is deficient!) but I didn't do much about it because I didn't think anything of it. well well..


    I put two and two together and I started taking 2000 units then later 8000 units of vit D daily. started in december. well, this winter has been beautiful! I didn't feel any different compared to other non-winter seasons. my paces are improving (that's due to training consistently too, hehe!). muscles feel good too.


    (I have to add for a complete picture that my training has also been slightly different, a bit Hadd-ish in principle, modified though.. anyway the point here is that I was/am using the ILTHR sessions on top of the sloooooow easy runs. but it wouldn't make sense to say that this training should feel easier than slow-pace-only winter training in the past, right?)


    I will hold off a final conclusion until I get a blood test to see if my vitamin levels have really gone up. and to have a more proper experiment here. Smile


    still, I thought this information could be helpful to someone! that's why I've made this thread.


    note here: if you don't spend much time in summer under midday sun, you don't try to get tanned either, then you're most likely deficient in vitamin D and if you have issues in winter that you do not have in summer/autumn then it's worth a try checking out this option!


    for more information, please see Maffetone's article on vitamin D vs endurance training as well: http://philmaffetone.com/thesun.cfm

      case study; this guy here had a similar issue to mine & fixed it with vitamin D:




      case study 2 & more information on athletic performance vs vit D:



        Great thread, C. Great reminder. Thanks.

        I've been slacking off on my Vitamin D3. And it's been a gray winter here.

        Luckily, it's getting a bit warmer here, and the sun should be getting high enough

        for some brief sunning (I like to build to 15-20 minute sunnings), along with yardwork.

        Luckily, my alabaster Irish skin is a vitamin D machine.

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          Does vitamin D come in pill form in bottles in the pharmacy section of my favorite superstore?  Is it effective to take it that way?  Will I begin to feel the effects right away or does it take a few days to build up in my system?  This long, grey winter is leaving me feeling a little beat down.

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            If you decide to supplement, make sure you get the active form of Vitamin D: D3 (cholecalciferol). It is more quickly and easily absorbed by the body. The inactive form D2 (Ergocalciferol) is the synthetic form and most cannot be converted to D3 by the body. D3 is what your body produces from the sun.

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              Good point.  Thanks!

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                Where I am in 'sunny' Glasgow our sun stops producing vitD from Oct to April ..it's only now that my times are starting to improve especially at low hr levels ..me and a friend are comparing mile times at 90bpm ..My HRV scores are also improving