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James Robinson


    I am a 64 year old male who started running a month ago. I originally tried to start with a local community seniors learn to run group in July. They used a system of walk 2 minutes and run one gradually building up the runs. I didn't care for this method as the run parts turned into huffing, puffing and red faced efforts. I decided to search for a better way and stumbled upon the Maffetone method. I am now midway through my fourth week.

    I have read all I can find online including the Mark Allen formula for adding points for being older. So I have adjusted my MAF to be 126 rather than 116. I started out doing a very slow run(which I believe you folks call wogging) at 20min/mile. After slogging through comments in  the Cool Running archives, I believe I may be one of, or perhaps the only one, who actually  did not find this particularly onerous. I have seen some progress. My runs are now 16-17 min/mile and I can now "run" 3 -3.5 miles without walking. I do try to mix things up with some days being run days and some being a mix of walk/run or just plain walking. Doing things this way has allowed me to be active for 20-25 miles weekly. In contrast, most of my friends from the original running group have either dropped out or have suffered their first injuries.

    I plan to continue as I am until November which will have given me 3 months of learning to run easily and hopefully without any injury. At that point I plan to move inside to a treadmill for most of the winter as the trails I now use will be unavailable. I also think I will move the MAF number down a bit perhaps to 121.

    I haven't done any MAF tests yet as I am taking this 3 month block just as a learning process getting used to running. I am satisfied as long as I stay well under 126 bpm. My average HR  on runs varies from 107 to 117 so I don't think I am hurting any base I am hopefully building.

    So, to get to the point of this rather lengthy introduction, what do you Maffetone people think about my plans? Am I heading in the right direction? Any suggestions for modification would be appreciated. I do have the latest Maffetone book on order so hopefully that will also give me some guidance. I should mention that any running I do will be strictly for health and fitness. If my pace improves that's great. If not, I can always make my claim to fame as the Master of Wogging.

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      Sounds perfect to me, (5 months maf @46 years). I also lowered to maf-5 and -10 after a few months, now i mix it up. Middleman suggests lower hr like this in his book slow burn. It's great to hear you are having fun, me too. ~alex

        Hi James---welcome to Slowtwitchville.


        You are doing the smart thing--many beginners go the way of your friends because they run too hard starting out (when they probably should be mostly walking). You are staying healthy, the pace at MAF is improving, and your run/walk volume is a nice 25 mpw. Nice. Keep to it. If general health is your goal---you're doing it.


        Keep us posted!


        --Jimmy Cool