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Going Anaerobic (Read 894 times)

watusi-twist-El Dorado

    Well, I wish I could do aerobic intervals, but I have a tough enough time just running and staying below MAF. I can do it for about 10 miles, but I am right at 12:00/mile. So, at this point, to do a MAF-10 I'd probably be walking. This statement alone probably answers my original question. I probably shouldn't be throwing any anaerobic training in just yet. But, I don't think going over MAF every few weeks will kill the base building. In fact, it appears to help my MAF Pace. Now, I wish I could try that out, but I ended up with a chest cold after my last run (damn kids). So, no running for me for a few more days.
    Give them a try sometime, you might enjoy the faster running you are able to do during the intervals, and they keep you at MAF. Doesn't matter if you walk in between the intervals--just get the HR back down to MAF -10. Good luck with your modified MAF program. Hope you realize your running dreams. Be healthy. --Jimmy