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JimmyB's Two Week Test Diary Post Day 14 (Read 1015 times)



    What are you using to take such precise measurements on your waist size?


    I have a team of waist measurers with laser equipment that I've hired from the Modern School of Tailors. Cool



    Actually, I just use a measuring tape. I go as small as 1/8 inches (.125"), then I just round it. .375 is .38, .625 is .63)




      Keep my weight at 10 stone? (150 lbs.)


      I am now 11 stone 13 lbs.


      150 pounds is in the neigborhood, if I really want to compete.



       150lbs is 10stone 10lbs are you 6' 2 Jimmy ?

         150lbs is 10stone 10lbs are you 6' 2 Jimmy ?


        No 5'10".


          Made it to day #7 -- felt it deserved a post Wink


          My "treat food" seems to be cheese. I've felt normal since Tuesday and my running hasn't suffered too much.

          I'll be interested in how my long run Sunday feels... last one before taper... I wonder if I'll be running on fumes

          for two hours :/

            Made it to day #7 -- felt it deserved a post Wink


            My "treat food" seems to be cheese. 


            Cheese and peanut butter are my treats and help satisfy my sweet tooth.



              Hey Gang,


              Shondek inspired me to do a two-week test. I had never done a full one in the past--I think 3-4 days was the longest it went before I quit. The main reason I quit was that my pace at MAF would slow drastically, and I freaked out.  THis time, I plan to see it through.


              I experienced the slowing again, but today it seems to be reversing. Hopefully, it is a trend.


              I'm following Dr. Phil's diet list, eating  beef, cheese, eggs, poulty, pork, fish, shrimp, almond butter, avocado, 6 servings of vegetables, and drinking lots of water. My coffee consumption is the usual.


              As far as calorie levels, I think I am eating a bit more than I used to before the test--lots of fat.


              Below will be my diary of this experiment. I was going to write "enjoy my misery", but then I realized the last two days have been really great in terms of how I feel, my focus, and my energy levels. SO, just "enjoy". ---JImmy Cool


              day weight








              (normal is 48)



              Aerobic Speed

              (MAF 1st mile)







              heart time



               F° Notes
               1 171 38.5 25.3 48 10:55 1:23:31 7.00 11:55



               57° Ran outdoors. Aerobic speed and duration normal. Took a few naps
               2 170  ---  --- 52  --- 0:52:00 4.01 12:58 120-125 bpm  66°

              TM 1% Headache that is probably due to sugar withdrawal. Took a few naps. Needed them.

               3 169 38.0 24.5 55 12:58 1:15:00 5.41 13:51





              TM 1%. RHR a bit high, pace at MAF has slowed significantly. Headache still there. Feel stronger and more focused. Endurance (duration) is still at a good level for this heart time zone at 74°. Nap.

               4 169  ---  --- 54  --- 0:53:00 3.63 14:36 120-125 bpm  66°

              TM 1% (yuck on pace) Pace continuing to regress. RHR still high No headache! Real good focus. Didn't crash or nap.  

               5 168 37.63 23.9 51 11:12 1:16:00 6.11 12:26




               65°  TM 1%. Pace at MAF progressing back. Duration for this heart time zone was good as well. RHR lowering.  Feel good. Like this increasing ability to focus for longer periods. No headache.
              6 168 37.38 23.5 -- --  -- --  --   -- -- Rest day. Felt good. No crashes. 
              7 167 37.00 22.9 51  -- 1:00:00 4.59 13:04  120-125 bpm 67° 

               TM 1%  Improved duration. Feel good. Looking forward to a day of creative endeavors. In first 7 days I have lost 4 pounds, 1.5" around waist, 2.4% bodyfat

              8 167 36.88 22.6 51 -- -- -- -- -- --

              Rest day. Felt fine.

              9 167 36.63 22.2 52 13:36 0:53:00 3.66 14:28




              TM 1%. Pace at MAF awful. Duration for this heart time zone was not so  good. RHR still not normal. Should be in 46-48 range.  Feel okay. Want to freak out about the regressing aerobic speed, but not gonna----no, not gonna.

              10 167 36.63 22.2 46 10:59 1:05:00 5.39 12:03




              TM 1%. Resting heart rate finally back to normal today (almost like a fever breaking!)  Weight has plateaued at 167. Good overall pace. Aerobic speed much better.

              11 167 36.38 21.8 46   0:45:00 3.50 12:51




              TM 1%. Resting heart rate still normal. Weight still @ 167, but waist is shrinking. Energy, both mental and physical, at a nice high level. Still living the cheesy dream.

              12 166 36.25 21.6 48   12:08  1:07:00  4.21 12:51 



               71°  TM 1%. Resting heart rate still normal. Weight loss finally moved again. Only 2 days left.
              13 166 36.25 21.6 49   0:30:00 2.24 13:23


              73° TM1% kept run to 30 minutes--good day. Finished tomorrow with this part.
              14 165 36.00 21.1 53 -- -- -- --


              -- That's a wrap. Successfully executed. weight loss of 6 pounds, 2.5 inches off waist, and drop of 4.25% bodyfat. My aerobic speed didn't improve, it regressed, but started to rebound some. Overalll energy, mental and physical, was good, with a high creative output.


              Test finished at 1 pm. Had my first non-veggie carbs at supper. About a half cup of white rice with beef, chicken, and salad. No crash.  Feel okay.



                Congratulations  Jimmy well executed ,was it worth it and what did you learn about your previous dietary habits?

                  Congratulations  Jimmy well executed ,was it worth it and what did you learn about your previous dietary habits?



                  Heading back into carb-land, I have had no crashes (main symptom before test) as of yet, or ill-effects from anything. Bananas, fine. Small portion of white rice fine. Even had some sandwiches, fine.  I was thinking about the glycemic information you posted, and I think how big the load of carbs is one of the biggest factors, not so much the source. Before the test, a few cups of rice in a BBQ dish from a local place would send me into a quick nap. That will be one of my experiments---one of those dishes--and I'll see what happens.



                  Consistently Slow

                    Congratulations  Jimmy well executed ,was it worth it and what did you learn about your previous dietary habits?



                    Run until the trail runs out.

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                      I've increased carbs to near normal on most days (about 55% of diet). Days off, a little lower. Put on 2 pounds, but waist is remaining the same. That tells me that I was severely glycogen depleted during those two weeks and beyond. The weight gain is probably just the glycogen and the water that I lost. Also explains the awful paces.




                        No. I do believe that's on the "do not eat list" during the two weeks.

                         For some reason I had 1 slice of 100% wholemeal bread a day during the 2 week test,so I decided to do it again without the bread(having put on more weight over the xmas period) ..my plan of gradually adding good carbs to my diet ended up with adding loads of xmas pudding as quickly as possible.

                        This time I am eating more veg carbs.


                        In Dr P's book 'In fitness and in health ' in the 2 week test section he says ..'eat 1 slice of 100% wholemeal bread for breakfast..'