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What is best for "Off" day? (Read 476 times)

    I have run 8 days straight including a 10 miler yesterday.  I now want to take an "off" day.  My choices are:


    1.  Do nothing;

    2.  Spin class at 130 HR; or

    3.  A light run at MAF -10.


    What are suggestions from those of you that have been doing this for a while? 





      1. Doing nothing is impossible, but if you mean no training: I call this rest.

      2. Spin class at 130 HR would be a cross-training day and not an off-day from exercise. It would be an off day from running

      3. A light run at MAF-10 is not an off day from running or training.


      Embrace #1. It is your friend. It is your healer. It is your psychologist who will keep you from being obsessed with training and anxiety about a day off. Take a training sabbath. Let your body repair, absorb, and express its potential. Rest with impunity, with glee, and with resolve. Blob---blob---blob! Sink into blissful intermission and go to the concession stand and get a large box of Snowcaps, throw yourself on the couch and watch a Malcolm In The Middle marathon and marvel at the fact that the actor who plays the father is the same actor who plays Walter White on Breaking Bad. Break bad and leave training behind like it never existed and float on the sea of Refreshment and realize your potential.




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        Thanks for the advice.  I will have a "rest" day tomorrow!



          As always, Jimmy is the eloquent voice of reason.

          Rest is my favourite way to improve Smile

            Depends on how hard you go in your runs, and how important it is to reach your maximum potential.


            I go real easy and don't care about maximum potential, so the only "off" day in the last approx 1.5 years was one where I went out with the dog for only 45 minutes (day before marathon.) 


            After finishing our big local marathon this year, I still went home and did 55 easy minutes with the dog.


            Wasn't it van Aaken who said "Run slowly, run daily,... don't eat like a pig."


            How about a fourth option

            4. Go for a walk, or get a massage.




              How about a fourth option

              4. Go for a walk, 


              +1 especially if you have some nice trails that won't cause too many trials of your system.

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                +1 on the go for a walk, being sure to keep hr no higher than maf-20 or so. Trying to run everyday can work for some, but it didn't for me as I learned the hard way, even with them mostly being maf-10 days. Body objected. So I've been adding cross training plus slow walks every couple of days and an occasional complete rest day just running around with family. So far so good.

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