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    Here's a link to an article in Running TImes about a friend

    and club member back in Rhode Island. Fred is an

    amazing guy:


    click here



      Thanks Jimmy.  I enjoyed the article.  I think there is a bit of Fred in all of us. 


      I thought it was interesting to hear Fred's observations about how many more woman and older people now run and compete in the races.  I know because I get passed by them all the time.  I once read an article where even Bill Rodgers no longer always wins his own age group.  He said that so many people pick up running now, in their later years, you just have more competition.  He also mentioned that a lot of people who pick it up later in life do not have the same wear and tear on their bodies.



        That was great. 32 months to wear a different shirt for each day. Hah. That's one big closet.


        He is certainly right about meeting some very nice and interesting people through running.


        Thanks for sharing Jimmy.

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          good read. Thanks Jimmy. I may be one of those older late starters he talked about, but it's not likely I'll ever pass him! Roll eyes

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