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Garmin 305 HRM Hell (Read 867 times)

    Tallchick, I wonder if you'd mind telling us how the new soft strap is working out for you. I bought my Garmin watch and strap secondhand and I'm finding the strap to be too big. I twist it to try to make it fit but it usually slips down regardless. It's very uncomfortable as the hard bits poke into my skin. I would gladly buy the soft strap if it was more comfortable and worked well.

     You can also get a shorter strap for the monitor that you already own. That would be a much chaeper route if its just the strap length that bothers you.


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      I bought the shorter strap and it's still too big for me, so just a warning if you do decide to invest (although I agree with Burnt Toast that it is a waaaay cheaper option than going for the soft strap).  I've ended up sewing a loop into the shorter strap so that it can now be done up tight enough. It's not perfect, but has worked better for me than twisting the strap or knotting it.  I can still adjust the strap with the loop stitched in, just in case my husband needs to use my HRM or if I suddenly have a weird, unexplained increase in my ribcage circumference.

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        At 6'1" tall and not terribly "willowy" (34" circumference) the new strap seems to fit perfectly.    Glad you figured out a way for yours to fit Hoppity!


        I didn't even have to rescan on the new strap/HRM--I just put it on, turned on my watch and there was the heartbeat.  Good to know I'm not a vampire.


        Ran 12 miles on Saturday, average HR was 130, my Maff is 133 (180-47).  I felt so good I could have kept going!  I'm not sore, didn't need a 4 hour nap afterwards, or any nap, and the only bump in the road was when it was starting to warm up from 34 to the 50s I ate a few Clif shot blocs and got a stomach ache.  I was drinking water but I guess those things just don't agree with me.  About 2 hours in I ate some buffalo jerky and that made me feel good.  I guess I have to stick with real food but was thinking I needed electrolytes.  Guess not.


        Very excited to have had a pain-free, LHR long run with no soreness afterwards.  I am totally sold on this LHR training!

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          Thanks everyone for the ideas re: soft strap vs short strap. I've decided to go with the short strap and modify it as Hoppity described if necessary.

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            WooHoo! Got the new HRM today. It works so far.

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              WooHoo! Got the new HRM today. It works so far.



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