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Ain't No Freakin' Troll Gonna Post Up Frankie (Read 146 times)

Can I be Frank

Walk This Way...this way

    The Freakster launches from the top of the key...It's all net.

    "Drop the panties Albert!
    Now slowly back away from the dresser.
    Place your hands on your head and interlace
    your fingers.

    You have the right to remain silent..."

    Enough of the basketball metaphors..

    Other than death and taxes, life holds little guarantee. As you run throughout life,
    remember to  Big grin  on your brother. There's always a chance he will   Big grin   back.

    Some might dismiss Frank as this hopelessly misguided endurance troll, but
    nothing is further from the truth.
    Pa-lezzz!     After all, he's barely found his stride, let alone voice!

    Even so, not wishing to overstay his welcome, it's incumbent upon him to
    "Ramble On". This decision is the result of long and painful consultation
    with trainer/manager "BF".

    Ideally, after tidying up some excess heart tissue, and following levitation
    from the gurney, a comeback is possible...
    (Shake-A-Leg Frank! An invitation to a fall half awaits).

    Until then, as Led Zeppelin's so poignantly expressed, it is indeed
    time to "ramble on"...

    Youtube is optional.
    Many have heard it all before, no need to say more!


    Big grin