Low HR Training


Using Low HR training for an ultra (Read 590 times)

    Mine is the same way. It wants to measure my stride rate (I think it's picking up electrical signals from the contractions of my chest muscles) until I start sweating good. However, knowing my stride rate is sometimes interesting too, and I'm not usually worried about my heart rate going too high at the beginning of a run, especially if I know I'm starting out well within the easy range.

    Speed my steps along your path, according to your will.

      Those are good points, and I actually feel a bit relieved, I am glad I asked! I was worried that (1) I had to start out every run ridiculously slow, or (2) there was something wrong with either me or the monitor. I will try out the lotion tip and see how it goes. I am still paranoid about running by feel, because I am fairly new to this HR training, and I have had bad habits in the past of wearing myself down. So I am being very strict about keeping myself in the right range until I trust that I know how to run by feel a bit better.