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    Here's the deal. I am running my first 50 next month. it is a 25 mile loop. I will have my sports bag at the start/25/50 mile line and the drop bag at the 12.5/37.7 mile station. What the heck do I put in that drop bag besides food? I am keeping shoes, socks and other 'normal' running/race stuff in my sports bag/me station at the startline. If I don't need them before the 25 mile mark, i will just suffer through the rest. i have a first aid/foot kit in the sports bag. I need some sages with this one. And cookies, lots of cookies.

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      Found this list that Carl had for posted in the Ultra forum here (for a ultra he did l June 07 I believe) Food: Energy drink powder Two water bottles with hand straps and some kind of filter, or purifying tablets Salt Ziplocked snacks: Oreos, M&Ms, Gu Gear: Shoes, shorts (of course) Sunscreen/bug repellent packet Gaiters Trash bag or lightweight poncho Pepper spray (to defend against the area's many unleashed dogs) Blister kit - moleskin, tape, safety pin and matches Bodyglide TP Some cash for the c-stores Midway drop bag: Spare shoes, socks, clothes, raingear Food - PBJ, chips, animal crackers, canned soup Can opener Ziplocked snack refills Light and batteries Gatorade

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        If you're anything like me you'll have about 5x the stuff you'll ever need. Some stuff off the top of my head that you've probably already thought of... Salt tablets Bodyglide extra clothes in case of downpour variety of foods, even stuff you've never had before, in case your staples aren't going down. chocolate covered espresson beansSmile and coke are two of my favorites (I know Jesse will 2nd the Coke!) I hesitate to give specific advice in the event that it leads somebody astray, but in my experience most people don't take enough electrolytes. Electrolyte drinks aren't enough, anything with sufficient sodium would taste so shitty nobody would drink it. Best of luck, you'll kick ass out there. Keep grinding when it gets tough, it'll get better!