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Weights? (Read 96 times)


    What are peoples thoughts on weights? I did weighs before my half last year but stopped when I did my marathon ramp up, and really felt like I noticed it towards the end of my marathon. I especially noticed it on my upper body form. This year I'm planning on at least doing my upper body and core stuff, but an torn on the legs. Maff says not to, but a lot of people say it can really help, especially in injury prevention. I do low weight high rep stuff. But when doing legs I know my HR gets up there, since I do vet little rest. Should I just resign myself to week hamstrings to best listen to Uncle Phil and cut out the leg workouts? Or maybe continue doing it with no dumbbells in hopes of keeping my HR down and maybe increase rest? (it's all lunges, squats, calf raises and stuff)

      Let your aerobic speed (speed at MAF)  be your guide. If you start lifting weights and your MAF tests start to decline, or your resting heart rate gets elevated for a prolonged period of time, then bad. If you keep on improving and RHR stays the same or slightly improves, then the weights aren't a problem. Mark Allen did strength training in his later years during the base period and had no problem. Twice a week with 2-3 recovery days in between (from his book Fit Soul Fit Body). Just follow your MAF tests and RHR and you can't go wrong.


      --Jimmy Cool