Low HR Training


Back for my next cycle (Read 196 times)


    I would just like to say that I am back for yet another cycle of Low Heart Rate training. Following the success of previous LHR training I can wait to start again, beginning tomorrow with a MAF test of 5 miles. Following on from previous bouts of LHR I have been peaking for about 6 weeks in races, and have PB’s over 3 distances, so now I am starting the process again, in order to stave off potential injury, and get even better for my next peak in a few months or so. Looking forward to it as it helps me put in more miles, and I really enjoy feeling refreshed with all my runs. Have I missed much?

    "I've been following Eddy's improvement over the last two years on this site, and it's been pretty dang solid. Sure the weekly mileage has been up and down, but over the long haul he's getting out the door and has turned himself into quite a runner. He's only now just figuring out his potential. Consistency in running is measured in years, not weeks. And over the last couple of years, Eddy's made great strides" Jeff 14 Jan 2009