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Best distance for a MAF Test (Read 37 times)


    What would be the best distance to complete for a MAF Test?  Could I have a few recommendations please... I began MAF in July, I have completed 2MAF Tests, on the treadmill, of 6 miles. What miles should I focus on to use to determine my MAF pace? Am I running far enough for a MAF Test?


    *I am doing approx 6months of base building for halfmarathon racing, and eventually (about one year from now) completing a full 20 week marathontraining plan.


    Thank you!

      Hi Erun,


      At least one mile. And as long as you want. You can also test by duration (e.g. 35 minutes). Always after a good warm-up of 15-20 minutes, or longer. Do the WU the same duration each time.  I think of the first mile as my aerobic speed and the rest of the test as endurance. The longer you go, you start to see the improvement in heart rate drift (the rate of drop in pace over time at MAF lessens).  The  5k pace chart in Dr.Phil's books, and the extended marathon pace chart in this forum, uses the first mile.


      Mark Allen used a 5 mile test. (Click for excerpt on  MArk Allen from Lore of Running)


      These days, I either do one mile tests or 45 minute tests (recording each mile split, and total distance).


      1 mile tests are also good if you don't have much time, or are in a period of high stress and have regressed, and have chosen to run less for recovery reasons. Good after injury or a long rest period, and you are coming back starting from scratch, and haven't built up your volume yet.


      Good luck.


      --Jimmy Cool