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Postive Anti-Aging Effects Of Running--NBC Report (Read 226 times)

    Here's a good report from NBC Nightly News about the positive, anti-aging effects of running. Just so happens they filmed a lot of the footage and interviews at the last race I ran in Portsmouth. It shows many of my club members running and being interviewed (Rhode Island Road Runners). I didn't get in, but I was filmed. I knew I shouldn't have run with no shorts, too scary for America. Check it out: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032619/#26408194 --Jimmy
      Great to hear from the mainstream... That lime-green circle on white t-shirt is the first annual Pamakids San Francisco Marathon finisher's tee from 1977. It was my first marathon and I still have the shirt, though it has shrunk thoughout the years...


        Great report. Some of the statistics are staggering. I particularly love the part about how runners have 7 times less knee, hip and joint problems. Yes, some runners will have knee problems. However, I'd bet they will have them regardless of running at some point.