Low HR Training


progress or regression (Read 25 times)


    Hey guys quick question. I've been doing this out and back loop for a couple of years now starts on a hill and I've never managed to do a negative split ...until Sunday gone ..compared to 2 weeks previously my average pace was 30 sec a mile slower ..all the times at maf were slower this time except last mile which was a minute faster!? Is this an improvement. Its 45 min out Lydiard style ..this time it took me 44min 30 sec yo get back and 2 weeks ago it took 48 minutes to get back ..your analysis would be highly appreciated

      You were 30 seconds slower at the same HR for most of the run and 1 minute faster coming back. Might be progress. Might not. Wind always plays a factor. What does Lydiard style mean?


      It's tough to tell from one run. See how it goes over a few weeks time, and you'll know.


        Lydiard always wanted runs to be on the flat and on an out and back route where you get back at the same time with same effort ..ie slight negative split ..wind!! ..yes that occurred to me just after I posted Jimmy ..I've been experimenting  nasal breathing again and this although slows me down for the moment .. negative splits are almost always  guaranteed now ..there's  definitely something in it ..ill keep you informed