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Race at end of January? Or continue base miles only? (Read 250 times)

    I have been doing low HR training since early November, and planned to continue all through winter doing only base building miles. So far, I have about 250 miles logged at this pace, and I have improved a bit, but am still hoping to bring my pace down closer to 11 minute miles. I may have an opportunity to travel to southern FL at the end of January for work. It may coincide with the Miami marathon on Jan 27th, and that seems like too good of an opportunity to miss. For a northern OH girl to get to run amongst palm trees in January is just a dream Smile I am not wanting to run an entire marathon at my low heart rate pace (unless it improves by a good 2 minutes per mile). It just gets embarassing when they start shutting down the course behind me. I don't need to go all out, and I don't care about my time to a certain extent. I just imagine I would have to slow down impossibly to cover the distance and keep my HR under 146. Given that I will have been base building for 3 months/450 miles by then, do you think that will cause me to take backwards steps in my base building phase? I should have enough time in my schedule to do another month or two of base building only without any more races until April. If everybody thinks this is a brilliant idea and won't cause me any problems, but my trip gets cancelled, there is a local trail 50K that same weekend also that I wouldn't mind doing. No palm trees, but scenic in a snowy, icy, windy, character-building kind of way. But it's on some crazy hills, so I know I can't keep my HR in check for that either... Advice is appreciated as always! Thanks!
      I too am using low HR training to avoid injury while increasing my base, but I think it's important to not be a slave to it. It's your life, after all, and time passes quickly. (That's what all my grandparents used to say, anyway.) If a race sounds interesting, and you think you're in good enough shape to complete it, I say do it!

      Speed my steps along your path, according to your will.


        You should certainly go for it - after that amount of base, it's a good time for a long tempo run and it should be mostly aerobic anyway, even if above MAF. It's not likely to set you back and if it does, you'll be able to recoop your base quickly afterwards. Please report how it goes.
          Thanks for the answers guys! I am glad to hear that, I am looking forward to trying one or the other... Just didn't want to throw away these three months of hard work (hey, it was hard to slow down so much!)