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Started MAF training a week ago... (Read 52 times)


    ..and already seeing improvement!!  I am using 138 as my top HR (180 - age).  I was already around 148 avg HR for my easy runs, so didn't have to drop my pace excessively, but I am already speeding up my pace and finding it easier to keep my heart rate down.  I have a HM in April, and decided to drop the tempo runs for at least a month and try LHR training.  Definitely really enjoying my runs.  My long (11 miles) run on Saturday was amazing - I had to run a little slower at the beginning to keep my HR in range, and felt amazing at the end - definitely had more left in the tank!  I have been having some problems with plantar fasciitis in my right foot, and I definitely think that LHR running is making me focus a bit more on my form, which is helping.


    I think I will use target HR zones in races too - just need to figure out what those should be.  Any input on that?


      I found this thread on races. http://www.runningahead.com/groups/LOWHRTR/forum/b951930f97334381b4418d94efce1148/resume#focus

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        Hi and welcome!  I'm a HR training newb as well.  Thursday will be one week of HR training for me.  My experience has been similar to yours - my first LR staying in my aerobic zone was so much better.  Recovery is quicker.  My form is improving.  It's all good so far.

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          Hi Natalie! We seem to be in just about the boat. My MAF is 138, tested, and I'm going to to a half in April. I'm going to MAF only until the end of March when I'll start adding some +MAF runs for the month of April. Then it will be back to MAF for several months if not the rest of the year.  (If I can stand it)


          Good luck and keep us posted!


            My half is at the beginning of April, so I may start adding one tempo or speed workout per week in March, but I will play it by ear.  Right now, I am improving my pace in every single run so far, so I don't really want to mess with that! (My first 5 miles today were 10:04 avg pace with an avg HR of 136).

              Welcome, Natalie!


              If you stick with it, you'll more than likely eventually be running the same pace at 138 that you were at 148.


              As for the PF, I've been there twice, once in each foot, about 3-4 years apart. Strengthening of the feet by going a tad more minimal in my shoe (Nike Free 5.0) helped in the first case (after not being able to get rid of it for a long while). In the second case, it disappeared quickly once I started wearing Crocs at all-times around the house, and dropping a new shoe I was experimenting with. I had moved to a place with hardwood floors and no carpets. I had also switched to the Nike Free 3.0 before the PF hit, a much more flexible, non-supportive shoe than the the 5.0. I dropped those and switched to some Kinvaras (Saucony), which is a very light flat shoe, but had more support than the 3.0. I couldn't find 5.0's anymore, so I thought I'd try the Kinvara. A bit more cushiony at first, but eventually after a few hundred miles, felt perfect for me. It wasn't long before I realized I hadn't had PF in awhile--I had actually forgotten about it. In both cases, I never stopped running (except for the usual yearly rest). After a race, it didn't feel so good, but after an MAF run, it would feel better. There is hope for you! You'll eventually figure out what works for you, and it will be a thing of the past. The path to wellness is always a little different for everyone.


              Wish you the best. Keep us posted on your journey.




                Just noticed your reply!  I actually am wearing Saucony Kinvaras - I also have some Hattoris which are extremely minimalist, but I prefer those only for short runs, although I have not worn them in awhile, because I love my Kinvaras.  My PF isn't too bad, and seems to have improved some.  Sometimes it hurts somewhat intensely somewhere in the first mile then goes away.  Then I just feel it later and when I get up in the morning.  Stretching seems to help the most.  Maybe I will get some Crocs too.  I go barefoot all the time around the house.


                I admit, I cheated yesterday on my 12-miler.  I have a bit of a head cold, and just had such a hard time keeping my HR down, I finally gave up around mile 5 and ran faster.  It felt pretty good, but back to lower HR running for my next run!