Low HR Training


Heart Rate Monitor issues (Read 556 times)


    I've been having better luck with my strap lately.


    That last recipe sounds interesting though, what kind of body lotion are you adding to that mixture?


    I just used what happened to be on the counter at the time.  I'm pretty sure it was St. Ives Renewing Collagen Elastin Lotion.


    Before I added the lotion the mixture tended to dry up sometimes if I didn't start running and sweating right away.


      I use the Garmin 305 strap.  My routine which always begets reliable results (not doing all of these things has not):

      Make sure strap is tight enough - it tends to loosen over time

      lick the contacts just before starting, more like cover with slobber

      position the contacts just below my pecs, or where my pecs would be if I had any

      wash the contacts with soap and water after every run.


      when you say you scraped the contacts (or maybe you said scrub), are your contacts bare metal?  I'd be concerned with removing any kind of protective or conductive layers on the outside, or damaging it in some way.