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    Hi all.  I've been running for about 2-1/2 years.  After listening to Dr. Maffetone on a recent Trail Runner Nation podcast and then starting to read his book "The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing" I realized I was doing it all wrong!  There was a reason I was feeling beat up and sore.


    So, last week I got a shiny new heart rate monitor attachment for my Garmin 310XT and started using it.  I calculated my max aerobic HR using the 180 formula and found I should be staying in the 120-130 bpm category.  Wow!  That was hard.  After 4 runs I am still having a hard time staying under 130 without a lot of walk breaks.  However, I already feel much better.  I am not so tired all the time and the aches and pains are disappearing.

    Run!  Just Run!


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      Welcome, Mike!Smile


      At first, you will experience a whole new tough. But you'll speed up at the same HR, and eventually be training fast---barring no weird events in your life.


      Walking will help your base, so don't be afraid to walk. Dr. Maffetone has seen plenty of people start with walking and see them build a decent base, before they ever ran. Check out this case from his book The Maffetone Method.


      Keep us posted about your journey.



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        Hi MJSmith! I'm a noob too. I've been tracking my HR for years without really paying attention to it enough to make it speak to me. I only walk to keep my HR in my own special little zone. I look forward to hearing about your progress!