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anyone doing bjj? (Read 60 times)


    I've been doing mosly  tang sudo for about five years, now. We mix in traditional jujitsu, boxing, thai boxing, and Brazilian jujitsu. It's challenging, but a lot of fun, too. Anybody else doing bjj?

      We have a little bjj mixed in as part of Shaolin Kemp, which I definitely enjoy, and once I get through a few more belt colors, there's a dedicated bjj class I can participate in at the same dojo, so I'm certainly looking forward to that :-)

      2014 goals:

      1. Run a minimum of 1.5 miles every single day of the year

      2. Run 1500 miles in 2014

      3. Get my weekly mileage above 40

      4. Brown belt in Shaolin Kempo

      5. First Half (Oregon Wine Country HM?)

      6. PRs: Sub-21 5k, Sub-45 10k, Sub-45 Spartan Sprint, Sub 1:55 HM (Oregon Wine Country HM)