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Weekly thread 6/29 - 7/5 (Read 338 times)

    Not much happening this week. Big grin I was out of town for a few days, and the school's closed the 4th-6th to give the instructors a few days off. I did go to my white belts class yesterday, and had a much better experience than last time! Last night, I was working with just 3 kids. There were two girls and the little boy who didn't want to talk last week. He talked a little bit this week, and I found out he is indeed 6, speaks almost exclusively Korean, and his big sister was there with him in class (one of the girls) who spoke very good English and seemed to really lend him emotional support. As with last week, the boy got too tired to pay attention during our work. He was very happy to sit down for a few minutes. (Same reaction last week.) When I asked him to rejoin after a few minutes he was better able to participate. So for him, a "time out" was a chance to rest. For the other boy last week, it was to let him know his behavior wasn't ok. For this boy, it was just to give him a break as he really appeared just too worn out to participate! The older sister told me that last night was their last night in class. They are moving back to Korea. She sounded excited! She was very good. I hope she continues to study when they get back.

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