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Karate camp next week (Read 258 times)


    On Sunday, DW, DD, and I are off to a week of karate camp! I'm excited.

      Oooh, that sounds fun!


      I'll be really interested in hearing about how they tied in non-drill stuff to karate - ie, other ways to sneak in karate teaching without the traditional class format.


      Be sure to tell us about it when you get back!

      Roads were made for journeys...


        I never did provide any details, did I?


        Camp was one week long. We went to Randolph Macon Military Academy in Western Virginia (near Luray, which has some nice caverns, and some decent taverns). There was a basketball court/all-purpose gym where we had three workouts per day. There was also a lot of trips to the weight room and the indoor swimming pool, which were in separate buildings.


        It was great to be able to do things we don't ordinarily do in class, like a yoga session, a breaking session, knife defense, nunchaku, jump kicks (an hour of jump kicking!), and others. I didn't do all of them because some were at the same time as others, but there were lots of options. At night, we'd hang out, practice things on each other, play non-karate related games, and, one night, we watched old videos of some of the instructors when they were much younger, including DW's black belt exam.


        At the beginning of the week, we were broken up into teams. On one of the last days, we had field day, where we competed in an obstacle course and other competitions: shuriken, blow darts, cross bow, and plenty of other games. The last night was a tournament, where the four teams competed in fighting and katas.


        Sorry it took so long for the report. Hopefully I'll do better when I go this year.