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    I'm really just checking in to say hi and to see if anbody's been hanging out here lately.


    But I do have a question. I'm starting a new adventure--bodybuilding. I'm not planning to go all performance-level crazy with it, but I want to do some solid toning and then some. Any thoughts about what to look out for or focus on with regards to karate?


    Also, how's everybody doing?! As for me, my running has really fallen off, but I'm managing to stay a little bit active in other ways, mostly karate, cardio, and weights.




      Hi new here.  Wt. training does not go well with Tai Chi.  You lose the awareness you need to do the form.

      I only lift 3 months a year. When I lift I put Tai Chi on the back burner for a while.

        Hey Gig!


        From all opinions I've gotten, they all say you are better off spending that time karate training and drilling rather than weight training.  If you want to bodybuild, doing kettlebells compliments martial arts more than isolating muscles by pumping weights.   You can always benefit from cardio and core conditioning.  It's important to build muscles that are efficient and help your martial arts rather than be bulky and slow down your speed.


        I'm putting together a training plan here at RA.  I'm looking to hijack the logging functionality to record how much training I do and what types.  My focus was cardio conditioning, core conditioning, and minimal weights using kettle bells, which offer more holistic weight training to supplement my martial arts training.   I rarely run anymore.  I've been doing Insanity for core and cardio workout.  I'm thinking of adding some P90x and kettle bell work for strength but I will only do 1 or 2 days a week max.


          Thanks. I never got too far with the bodybuilding, but I have just started up with a little bit of toning, but with more focus on cardio. I love my kettlebell.


          PS--Please sign my petition to ban polystyrene.