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    This is me: Shocked after reading this: Why? Because he is an ordain Buddhist monk, chiropractor, 4th dan in Bujinkan and Jinenkan, and my sensei. I'm just stunned... I haven't been going in the past months due to my traveling work schedule but still... He was one of the few people I looked up to for his smarts, zen-like perspective, and his fighting ability. This is so crazy.
      Wow. Don't know what else to say. You think you know someone... Shocked

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        I'm sure you are feeling a range of emotions and questioning many things. Remember the principles of your training, talk to others, continue training, continue running. Time will give you more perspective if not answers. I am truely sorry if it is true. I have gone through similar disillusionment in my training.
        Find the fun.

          That's aweful. The guy who baptized me ended up dying in prison, but only after decades of damage to maybe dozens of kids. Still, I never liked the guy, so it didn't affect me much. This must be really tough for you.